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All You Need To Know About Non-Surgical Incontinence Treatment

Almost one female in two has urinary incontinence (UIC) at some phase of life, but about 15 percent experience it more often and a combination of SUI with urinary incontinence is experienced by up to 10 percent more women. Nowadays, physiotherapy and pelvic floor muscle workouts or surgery have been the only treatments available for SUI.

Incontinlase is a groundbreaking laser treatment for SUI. It is also referred to as
Non-Surgical Incontinence Treatment. This technique uses non-ablative photothermal to work on both the layers of deep connective tissue and vaginal mucous to raise the connective tissue remodeling along with the urethral support ligaments, anterior vaginal wall, and at the urethral opening, resulting in tightening and shrinking of the urethral continence supports.

Incontilase is an almost painless non-surgical process. Special planning or aftercare is not necessary. Recovering is very fast without the need for pain relievers or antibiotics and soon after surgery, you can return to your daily activity. This therapy has been widely successful in clinical trials to treat mild to moderate SUI with a high level of patient satisfaction.

Causes Of Urinary Incontinence

Vaginal childbirth, overweight, and the aging of the pelvic floor leading to modifications in the pelvic floor region which can disrupt the urethral’s process of closure. Up to now, only muscle exercise known as Kegel or a surgical implant called the Urethral Sling has been available. Kegel’s just depend on regular enforcement, so they are moderately reliable. Surgery patients have to be hospitalized, it has slow recovery and the complications may be severe.

How Does Incontilase Work?

IncontiLase is very safe, simple, non-surgical laser therapy. During the treatment, a special attachment is inserted into the vagina similar to a speculum used during a Pap test. The vaginal area is then handled by a small piece of the hand with brief laser pulses. The collage in vaginal walls and the urethra is affected by photothermal heating. This causes the collagen to be restructured and rebuilt. This causes the pelvic walls and urethra to thicken and tighten to prevent urinary loss. An additional advantage is that it tightens the vagina.

What can be anticipated?

Treatments of IncontiLase are easy and quick. You are not supposed to get anesthesia. The treatment is incision-free and painless and does not harm, bleed, or no recovery. A special handpiece is inserted into the vagina, equivalent to a speculum in a Pap examination. Sublative laser pulses are used to treat the vaginal area. It does not require specific pre-op preparations or postoperative precautions. Treatment takes 15 to 20 minutes and takes place in an outpatient facility, and then you will immediately be able to return to your daily activities. A compassionate and highly trained physician will provide you the treatment.

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