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All You Need To Know About Vaginal Rejuvenation

Before non-invasive laser therapies, a vaginoplasty technique, also known as perineoplasty, is popular for vaginal rejuvenation. The vaginal rejuvenation laser process involved the excision and rearrangement of the redundant tissues of the vagina to minimize the size of the vaginal canal surgically. Vaginoplasty is a high-risk surgery that results in a high risk of inflammation, bruising, scarring, dyspareunia, and modification in the sensation of the vagina.

It also raises a chance of deformity in the treated areas, which results in dissatisfying results. Other complications that may affect patients with vaginoplasty include sensational loss, scar tissue, reduced sexual pleasure, and localized pain. Surgical vaginal therapy requires refraining from sexual activities for at least 6 weeks after surgery for complete recovery. The dispute over a surgical rejuvenation of the vaginal systems causes many patients to look for non-operative rejuvenation techniques that will not have complications and risks of surgery.

Fotona is the leading producer of specialized laser devices which are designed to treat a wide range of diseases, including dental, dermatology, surgical, and gynecological conditions. The gynecology applications provide patients an alternate solution to surgery in mild or moderate circumstances such as stress urinary incontinence and vaginal laxity, along with typical complications that are usually caused by natural childbirth.

Who Are Ideal Candidates For Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Non-ablative laser vaginal therapies may help ease the symptoms of women with:

Post-Childbirth Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome

Vaginal birth is a stressful neurological process that involves the pelvic area’s lack of structural strength. The leading cause for urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse is vaginal relaxation after childbirth. Patients with mild to moderate signs of vaginal relaxation may make significant changes without surgery.


The biological aging process affects the whole body, along with the reproductive system. When the body starts aging, the production of collagen and elastin fibers that protect the skin in the connective tissue starts to become depreciated. Aging is not an exception to the pelvic floor. It is an essential element of the urogenital system since this system not only supports the surrounding organs but also affects their physical shape and function. Aging triggers pelvic floor weakness and genital laxity, which ultimately results in reproductive system anatomic changes.

If you want to hear more about laser vaginal rejuvenation procedures, contact our Toronto Cosmetic Clinic. You can meet with our expert laser nurses for consultation. They will tell you everything about this treatment.

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