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Aptihealth Targets US Behavioral Health Landscape With Innovative and Revolutionary Solutions

Fast, streamlined, and competent medical care has never been as crucial as today. Following the 2019 COVID-19 pandemic and its multi-year impact on the population, the need for behavioral health services has never been higher. Thanks to the pandemic and its forced reliance on virtual connectivity, the rise of virtual patient care has never been more notable.

Aptihealth aims to transform behavioral healthcare by streamlining the process and connecting patients to the behavioral care services they need in a best-in-class, virtual-first setting.

As part of a more extensive web of healthcare services, Aptihealth works directly with licensed behavioral health therapists, prescribers, and other renowned professionals.

Rise of Virtual Behavioral Services

The multi-year lockdown that was the COVID-19 pandemic will have shuffling impacts on the population for years to come. The American Psychological Association published predictions for 2023 regarding behavioral health investments. An increased adoption of telehealth therapies and a reduction in mental health-related stigmas have allowed the field to grow.

Stephen M. Schueller, Ph.D., a teacher at the University of California. Dr. Schueller stated, “I don’t think funders’ excitement is necessarily cooling, but I think they’re getting a bit more realistic in their expectations and more thoughtful about the ‘value added’ of a given product.”

Aptihealth offers enhanced online therapy sessions that utilize best-in-class technology to work optimally with smartphones, tablets, and personal computers. Technology plays a pivotal role in each interaction, but the throughline of success at Aptihealth is its team of credentialed professionals.

Growing Business Models

Nowadays, investors are focused on specific areas where innovation is possible and funding appropriately. Businesses focusing on high-acuity behavioral health issues have introduced several dedicated applications and platforms, which the rapidly growing market looks to increase in the coming years.

According to reports, Aptihealth has attracted a large share of investment dollars totaling more than $60.8 million since the company launched in 2017. Aptihealth continues to focus on scaling its operations and enhancing its infrastructure as it seeks to expand into more extensive networks while maximizing its impact on the behavioral health sector and its patients.

The company will place patients into care within a couple of days, often within the same day, by utilizing its proprietary screening and assignment system. This proprietary system assigns each individual an Acuity Index rating ranging from Base, Medium, and High to Severe.

Aptihealth is a value-based care provider focusing on convenient access to quality systems for residents aged five and older throughout New York State. In a departure from other businesses in the industry, Aptihealth offers ongoing support for individuals with severe and persistent behavioral challenges.

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