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CBD: How It Helps Exercise, Recovery, and Fatigue

People engage in regular fitness activities to improve the quality of their lives. According to studies, exercise affects mood and mental health in a positive way. However, exercise, especially when done at high-intensity, can cause issues like muscle and joint pain.

CBD has been demonstrated to reduce anxiety and stress by affecting the CB1 receptors in the brain. It also helps with pain relief as it interacts with both the CB2 receptor and TRPV1 receptor. These receptors are located outside of the brain but affect mental health by regulating cell communication throughout the body.

When bought from a trusted brand such as Opulent Organics, CBD is safe for use by adults as it does not cause psychoactive effects or alter one’s perception of time or space like other drugs do. CBD also does not produce any psychotropic effects that may be dangerous

Today we’ll have a look at how CBD helps exercise and recovery.

How Does CBD Help Exercise?

Many people are misinformed when it comes to cannabis products, believing that it makes you “high”. Although both THC and CBD can be found in cannabis, they are different things. THC is the compound that produces the “high” feeling, but CBD does not produce a psychoactive effect.

CBD can be used to help with recovery after intense exercise because it can help alleviate soreness, pain, and inflammation associated with exercising. This is because CBD interacts with specific receptors in our body that are involved in inflammation and pain regulation.

Additionally, CBD reduces levels of cortisol (a hormone associated with stress) by binding to these same receptors on our cells which helps reduce muscle soreness and improves recovery time after training or intense exercise. It also helps improve sleep quality, which means you will feel more rested after a workout or over the course of a day. When it comes to muscle relief, product which combines CBD with curcumin would work the best.

CBD And Muscle Recovery

Muscle pain after exercise happens when the body attempts to get rid of lactic acid and toxins produced during the workout. The result is usually soreness and stiffness. Using CBD with salve for muscle relief after exercise can help to relieve this pain and also improve muscle recovery time.

Other CBD Benefits

If you practice regular sport, getting your daily dose of CBD either as gummies, capsules, or CBD oil drops it’s vital for muscle recovery. On top of speeding muscle recovery and alleviating soreness, CBD has additional benefits such as;

  • Alleviating muscle spasm and tension
  • Improving sleep that helps in muscle regeneration
  • Supporting fast recovery after injury or intense workout
  • Improving training and exercise consistency


CBD is very effective in exercise and muscle recovery. One thing you need to pay attention to is that although there are many CBD products on the market, they’re not all created equally. It’s important to do your research and find a product that works for you. You should also check with your physician before starting any new health supplement.

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