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Hospital Privacy Screens 101

Confidentiality in hospitals is important. Hospital screens are a critical tool that can help medical staff maintain patient privacy. In addition to patient privacy, screens are used to divide a space and keep it organized. Here is what you should know about hospital privacy screens.

Often referred to as a room divider, hospital screens are a type of partition that can divide an area into different sections. The screen is made from a frame used to support panels made from fabric, plastic, or another non-porous material. Hospital screens may be mobile and moved as needed or permanently fixed to a wall. Most privacy screens are easy to store and can be collapsed and folded.

As the name implies, privacy screens are used to maintain patient confidentiality. Not only do the privacy panels make a patient feel comfortable, but they also shield the patient while they are undergoing a procedure or changing their clothes. Hospital screens also block others from hearing sensitive information such as a patient’s diagnosis or prescription. Room dividers can prevent the spread of communicable diseases by blocking airborne droplets from patient to patient.

Privacy panels offer many benefits to medical organizations. If made from a non-porous material, they can be sanitized easily by wiping them down with disinfectant. They can also be made from an anti-microbial material. If the hospital screen must be moved, it is often as easy as rolling the screen to a new location. Hospital screens can be used to create makeshift rooms for patients in disaster relief situations or when a hospital is short on space.

When shopping for hospital screens, there are several important factors to consider. First, consider the best material for your space. Do you need the privacy panels to be made from a type of plastic that is easy to clean? Next, consider how you will store the privacy screens while not in use. Additionally, determine if the privacy screens will be installed permanently or if they should have casters so they may be wheeled to different locations. Hospital screens can also add visual interest to a room. Do you need to order panels that match the colors of the room? Lastly, determine your budget. Does the style of hospital screen you are interested in fall within your budget? How many do you need to order?

Hospital privacy screens are a valuable tool used by medical facilities. When used as a room divider, privacy screens help to block sights, sounds, and diseases. Privacy panels also help a facility stay organized, particularly in disaster relief situations or when a hospital is experiencing a surge of patients. When shopping for privacy screens, consider your budget, preferred style, and how your staff will store the panels when not in use. Add hospital screens to your business today to enhance your patient’s experience and to help your team stay organized.

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