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How To Enjoy Smoking Your First Weed Joint

Are you looking forward to rolling your first weed joint and smoking it? It is without a doubt a fun thing to do, and best believe, you will enjoy every minute of it.

As a newbie, you might be confused on how to get started, how to do it, and all that, but fret not! All you need is to take it easy, and of course, go through this read to get more tips. Let’s get into it.

  1. Buy high-quality cannabis

First things first, the cannabis you smoke has a significant impact on your whole experience. If you buy low-quality weed, it may end up ruining your first experience, which is something you do not want. Therefore, ensure that you shop around for cannabis dispensaries that sell only high-quality weed products. This way, you can be sure that the cannabis you use for the first time is high quality.

To help you find the best dispensary 49686, read through some of the online reviews and gather referrals from your close friends. Choose a cannabis dispensary with a good reputation, sells high-quality products and is known for its excellent customer service.

  1. Invite a few friends over

Let’s face it, smoking weed by yourself can get a little boring at times. To make your first time fun, you can invite a few friends that enjoy smoking weed and do it together. You will have fun while at it, and you may also learn a few smoking tips from them. Additionally, after taking a few puffs and getting high, you will enjoy a burst of hearty laughter together and might burst a few moves here and there, making it even more fun.

  1. Lower your expectations

You probably have seen other weed smokers smoking and getting high after a few puffs. This, in turn, gives you an idea of how your first time might be-but it is not always the case. Our systems are different, and our bodies also react differently to cannabis. Have an open mind during your first time. You might get high with just a few puffs or not get as high as you expected. A pro tip- have some food and water close by as well.

One of the effects of smoking weed is that your mouth may start feeling dry, and hunger strikes. Having some food and water eases these side effects and makes them bearable.

  1. Take it easy

You probably are thinking about how your first time will go down. Well, stop overthinking. You will be surprised how effortless it will be for you. You might just be among the many people who grasp the art of smoking cannabis from the first time.

  1. Have fun

Joining the cannabis smokers’ family is fun. You, therefore, need to purpose to have fun from the get-go. As mentioned, you can invite a few friends over so as to heighten the whole experience. Additionally, you can also play some good music in the background as you enjoy your 420 session.

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