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Importance of a Family Clinic

With the Internet boom, it has become easier to locate a physician near your home and just with a click of mouse you can take the appointment also. You can get consultation, treatment, prescriptions and delivery of medicines at your door step using your Smartphone. Due to this trend, a number of people have started thinking that having a family medical clinic or a family doctor is an outdated concept. But the truth is far different from this and having a family physician or a family clinic has its own advantages.

Primary care can be the answer to your health problems but family doctors can help in more than one ways. Following are few of the reasons explaining the importance of a fixed medical clinic:

  1. Family Clinic knows your problems in and out: A family doctor can treat a toddler, a teen ager and a middle aged person with equal efficiency. Since family doctors are used to treat a wide range of health problems, they can play the role of a primary doctor in any situation more effectively. If you visit a medical clinic regularly, you develop a long lasting relation with the doctor which means he truly starts knowing your health problems.
  2. Importance of Knowing Family History: When you go to your family doctor regularly, he comes to know about your family history and the main health problems your family members may be suffering from. It enables them to have an exact diagnose, check red flags of medicines, and what changes are seen in your health through the years. When multiple generations visit the same doctor, he comes to know the family history in-depth. For example, if a family member is facing a death threatening problem, the doctor will take all the precautions not only for that person but for others in the family also.
  3. They are more efficient than You Think: A family doctor in a medical clinic will make you go for yearly check-ups. He will also manage your chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, or arthritis. They are able to treat acute infections such as sinus and even injuries. They can guide you in pregnancy also. These are few of the examples that a family doctor can handle but the list is long.
  4. They can find you a Right Specialist if required: When you face a serious health problem such as cancer or a heart disease, your family doctor can refer you a specialist who can be perfect fit for your problem and needs. When you do not know a specialist for a particular disease, your family doctor will always suggest you the best one.
  5. Cost Effective: It is proved that going to the same medical clinic can actually save you money. When your doctor refers to a specialist, the specialist charges lesser fee which is otherwise quite high. The specialist takes more care of your problem when you visit him through your doctor.

Family doctor of your medical clinic certainly saves you money but more significantly he can offer you better health. In Australia, you can visit Bundoora Family Clinic for all types of treatments as doctors here are efficient and friendly.

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