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Know all about Receiver in Canal (RIC) hearing aid:

In Receive in the canal hearing aid, the receiver is connected to the rest of the hearing aid processor through a wire. Receiver in canal hearing aid is a very useful and popular hearing aid preferred by patients with hearing problems. It is the most sold and properly fitted hearing aid. It is quite different from a behind-the-ear hearing aid in terms of its size and weight. The receiver in canal hearing aids is smaller and lighter as compared to behind the ear (BTE) hearing aids. RIC works on a battery and has rechargeable options available. There are many benefits of Receiver in canal hearing aid, that drives you to choose and purchase them over others, such as:

1.      Comfortable and adjustable:

It is the nicest and most comfortable hearing aid because the way the aid goes inside the ear is effortless as its medical-grade soft silicone tip called Domes leaves your ear canal a little bit more free, clear and open. The upper part of the hearing aid sits on the top of your ear. It’s flexible and therefore, you can get different available sizes as per your requirements, so that it can be adjusted easily and properly to the patient’s ear canal without making them feel uncomfortable.

2.      Inherits new technologies: 

Receiver in the canal hearing aids styles has included a lot of best tech features in it such as they have Bluetooth technology installed so that the user can easily stream their phone calls, music, or any type of audio from their Android or iOS devices and it also blocks out noises. Also, these RIC hearing aids have the option for a recharge which makes it easier for the user to choose whether they want a battery-operated hearing aid or a custom rechargeable one.

3.      Range of fitting and maintenance options:

This hearing aid is an effective fit for most of the kinds of hearing losses from a mild to even a severe loss because this one can easily change the actual speaker just by unplugging and putting on the speaker that the patient needs to listen to. They are easy to fit, repair, and maintain because for cleaning the user just needs to change the domes which are simple to take off and clean using a disinfectant wipe. These RIC hearing aids receive high rates of connections which makes them effective in a humid, dusty or moisturizing environment. Regular cleaning of the dome reduces the itchiness caused in the ear.

Maintenance tips for RIC hearing aid:

          Handle it with care and a soft hand

          Do not stretch or put pressure on it

          Timely clean the bud where ear wax gets accumulated

          Regularly change the filters of hearing aid

          Remove the hearing aid at night while going to sleep

The choice of hearing aid depends on a person’s type of hearing loss, preference, lifestyle, and many more factors. So, one should choose Receiver in canal hearing aids due to their world-class listening quality with the best and affordable services available. So, check with your audiologist and get your RIC hearing aid.

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