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Need To See Podiatry in Irvine When You Suspect development of Bunion

Your feet are an essential part of your body as the foundation of a building. Your foot supports the weight of the entire body when you stand, walk, run and do all other things. If you have foot pain doing your work becomes difficult and uncomfortable. There are many foot health problems that people come across, and bunion is one among them.

A bunion is a bump you can see at the joint existing at the base of your big toe. Dr. Sima Soltani Podiatry Office in Irvine is a highly skilled podiatrist treating people with bunion. Dr. Sima Soltani Podiatry Office in Irvine provides a great range of foot and ankle care services.

Causes of bunion

There are many factors contributing to the development of bunion and leading you to go for bunion surgery orange county. The many causes of a bunion include –

  • Wearing overly tight shoes
  • Genetic factors control the shape of the foot
  • Arthritis

Whatever causes a bunion to develop in your foot, the crucial thing is to make sure not to aggrieve the condition and make it severe. In this case, you need to go and see your doctor as soon as possible.

Reason to the see the doctor when you notice a bunion

If you feel the tiny bump under your big toe is a bunion, it is essential to visit a doctor. It is important to get prompt and proper care for several reasons.

Pain is one of the primary reasons to pay a visit to your doctor. If you don’t feel any pain earlier, you will likely experience extreme pain after some time. If you are already experiencing pain, the situation will worsen over time. Chronic pain does not affect physically, but also mentally. It is essential to get treatment as soon as possible to prevent it.

Arthritis is another reason. If you do not get podiatrist bunion surgery, it may cause arthritis in the foot. The stress put by a bunion on your toe joint can cause the cartilage in the joints to decay. It will result in an incurable condition with chronic pain.

Another reason on the list is bursitis. It is a condition people face when they do not treat and leave their bunion as it is. You will get a bursa, which are fluid-filled sacs. It will cushion your joints. You will get inflammation because of the overuse or excess stress caused by these sacs with bursitis. The muscle stiffness can make it difficult for you to move about and cause painful swelling.

Crossover toe is another reason in line to see a bunion surgery podiatrist when you suspect you are getting a bunion. If you do not treat your bunion correctly and in a timely manner, it may cause a foot condition, crossover toe. It looks the same as what the name suggests. Your second toe will cross over to sit on the top of the big toe. In this foot deformity, you will face difficulty-putting weight on your foot. You will also feel difficulty in moving.

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