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Partial Denture Options for Replacing the Lost Natural Tooth

Partial dentures are the best solution for people, who have lost few teeth. These are the attachments offered for people with a missing tooth and they will be attached to the gum, which resembles the color of the natural gum line. By knowing everything about dentures, you can choose the right option for you, when you visit your dental expert.

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Partial denture options

Here are some of the kinds of partial dentures that work well with your requirements. 

  • Cast metal 

Cast metal is the type of partial denture that is ideal for you to replace the lost tooth. These will be designed with the metal framework and clasps and they will be attached to the gum layer right where there is a missing tooth.

However, the metal clasps will be visible every time you smile or open your mouth to speak.

Even though they are the best temporary replacement for the natural tooth, people prefer using them only till they get their permanent dentures.

  • Acrylic flippers 

Acrylic flippers are the types of partial dentures that are designed with pink-colored material, as per the denture specialist. They will be made to rest directly on the soft tissue in the mouth and will become an excellent replacement till the final dentures are made. These are ideal for people that have a progressive periodontal condition.

People using these flexible dentures should give extra care for their dental hygiene as the clasps can trap food particles while chewing. If not cared for properly, then there are the chances of tooth decay.

Hence, any dental expert working for the dentures Cypress TX services strictly suggests proper dental care.

  • Flexible partial dentures 

As the name says, these are flexible dentures that offer a sense of comfort when attached to the gum. These are designed using nylon material that offers a kind of natural look. They are suggested for such people that do not like to wear rigid cast metal dentures, and they offer a natural look when installed.

For a realistic solution for the lost tooth, these are the best choice. They are lightweight and will be molded perfectly to the mouth of the patients with a material known as Valplast. The other advantage of choosing this denture is that there is no necessity of molding the neighboring teeth to make the denture get adjusted to the lining.

These are the three kinds of dentures that are available for you when it comes to choosing an alternative for the lost natural tooth/teeth. Before finalizing one, it is suggested to consult your denture expert working for the partial dentures Cypress TX services to learn everything regarding the pros and cons. It will help you in choosing the right one that can become your temporary solution till you get your permanent dentures.

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