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The role of gerontology nurses in a modern healthcare system

Health caregivers in the past traveled on horseback to provide crucial medical servicesto their neighbors, which greatly reduced mortality rates. The construction of hospitals andthe implementation of organized healthcare began after the Civil War. While nurses practice in several different settings, community health is re-emerging as an integral part of healthcare.

Nurses fill a vast variety of healthcare positions; they work both independently and collaboratively with other healthcare professionals. For example, home care nurses in the United States provide a plethora of health care solutions to the elderly in their homes.

Geriatric Nurses

As weage, our bodies start wearing out and we may begin to experience more health problems. For this reason, elderly people often require more medical and special care than others.Some elderly individuals have fragile health; even minor health-related issues can quickly spin out of control, which makes them need special care.

Geriatrics, a field of medicine dealing with the healthcare of elderly people houses some of the most important professionals such as Geriatric Nurses who are responsible for providing daily care for elderly patients with unique needs. As a result of the increased human life expectancy as well as the aging Baby Boomer generation, the demand for such nurses will definitely continue to increase. It would, therefore, be of help if you pursue a geriatric nurse online course.

Duties of Geriatric nursestoday

As a geriatric nurse, you will be responsible for a number of duties, including:

  • Measuring and recording vital signs
  • Watching for signs of elder abuse
  • Administering medications
  • Massaging and exercising patients
  • Helping patients with their daily needs, such as using the washroom,bathing, and dressing
  • Transporting patients to healthcare-related appointments and doctor’s visits

Apart from these roles, you must also keep accurate patient records and adhere to the recommendations of your patient’s physician tocoordinate your care. Besides, you’ll be responsible for the emotional and mental well-being of your patients. Elderly patients may seem angry due to isolation from their loved ones,their failing health, and lack of independence. Nurses keep a close eye on such patients and attempt to remain compassionate and cheerful even in difficult times.

Professional nursing occupies a unique position in the American healthcare system. Being the largest healthcare profession, almost four million nurses work in different fields and settings; they are also frontline providers of healthcare solutions. Most nurses work in acute-care hospital settings, but nurses’ skills and expertise extend beyond hospital walls. They work independently and collaborate with other healthcare professionals to promote the health of families, communities, and individuals.

Nurses are critical links when it comes to maintaining a cutting-edge healthcare system.To get primary healthcare education, counseling, health advice,and healthcare services, millions of Americans turn to the different types of nurses available. Without a doubt, solutions provided by nurses to the American public will continue to be indispensable services, more so to the elderly age group.

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