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What Are Some Basics That You Need to Know About Hearing Aid Repair?

Hearing aids make a huge difference for people with permanent hearing losses. When the aids are working properly, the hearing difficulty is minimal at best. In the event that the aids begin to malfunction, there’s a good chance that the right type of hearing aid repair will get things back on track. Here are some basics about the repair that you should know.

Your Product Warranty May Cover the Costs

Before spending much time worrying about the cost of the repair, pull out the warranty and take a good look at the scope of coverage. You may find there is a provision that’s still in full force that would cover some issues caused by a manufacturing defect. If that’s the case, you may have little to no expense related to the repair.

Even if you’re not sure, it makes sense to provide information about the warranty to whomever will attempt to repair the aids. You may find that you are covered and that the issue can be resolved in less time than you thought possible.

Using a Local Authorized Repair Service

There’s a good chance that you can’t take the hearing aids to any service provider in town. Instead, you’ll need to identify a local service that’s authorized and certified to work on the model of hearing aid that you own. You can often find out which local services are authorized by checking the manufacturer’s website.

Keep in mind that choosing to use an authorized dealer means that any warranty protections you have are likely to be honored. If you decide to take the aids to a service that is not properly authorized and certified, the manufacturer is more likely to deny any protections that are found in the warranty. It may lead to the warranty being declared null and void for the future.

Sending the Hearing Aid Off for a Repair

In some instances, it may be necessary to send the hearing aids to a service center by post or by a private courier. This may be the case due to the type of issue you’re having, it it could   happen if there is no local service authorized to make the hearing aid repair.

Some manufacturers cover the cost of shipping, while others may not. Today, it’s not unusual for providers to offer online tracking so that you know when the aid arrives at the destination, when it’s being worked on, and when it’s scheduled to ship back to you.

Selecting New Hearing Aids When the Old Ones Can’t Be Repaired

If the attempt to make a repair isn’t successful, it will be necessary to invest in new hearing aids. You may find that the manufacturer offers incentives like discounts or special rates for returning patients. This is particularly true if the warranty is in full force and the issue is covered in the terms and conditions.

Assuming you were happy with the hearing aids up to the point they began to malfunction, investing in a new pair by the same manufacturer makes sense. If they never really lived up to your expectations, consider this a good time to see what a different manufacturer has to offer.

Hearing aids allow you to enjoy a part of life that you thought was gone forever. If an aid begins to develop issues, have it checked as quickly as possible. The problem may be a small one that can be corrected in as little as a day.

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